This is how it's gonna go down.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 2:42 PM Posted by Malallory
Yeah, yeah, I know. Nobody's reading this yet. And it's likely very few people will ever read anything on this blog. Like ever. But that's okay. I'm content to just talk. Or type. You know, creative outlet and all that.
So basically what this blog is going to be is a place for me to yap about about the things I love. Since my personal blog would probably get pretty obnoxious if I did that on it, I'm going to channel it here. I'll post about everything from music, movies, and books, to people, places, and cool facts. I figure each post will probably have some background info, why the topic is awesome, maybe some pictures or examples where applicable, and possibly links on how to find out more and get into the topic yourself.
Also, I'm thinking I'm going to invite some other people, some of my favorite people, to join in on this endeavor with me. People with similar tastes and interests, but who can contribute stuff that's not just me. I mean, I like to think I have considerably broader interests than your average young female Mormon, but there's a whole wide world of cool things out there that I know next to nothing about. Plus, I don't like pickles. Or dogs. That kind of rules me out of a few of the larger categories of humans. Or Americans, at least.
I really don't know why I'm doing this. It probably has a lot to do with the idea the Internet has given my generation that people actually care what we have to say. That they want to know about every little thing in our lives, and they want to hear us blather on about it. That we're entitled to be heard and understood, and that people actually read our blogs. I know that nobody's going to read this. Maybe my mom or a few friends will just to be polite. But I'm okay with that. Maybe it'll serve as a sort of "interest journal" for the future. Cuz I'm really, really bad at journaling consistently.
Alrighty, so most posts in the future will be nothing like this, just so's ya know, Mr. or Ms. Nonexistent Audience. Hopefully they'll be more interesting. Or interesting at all. And they won't be about me, most of the time. This one was a bit of a low-quality, silly self-indulgence. Like almost the entirety of the Twilight series was for Stephanie Meyer. (Oh no she di'int!)
Oh, yes. I most certainly did.

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