Pace Popsicles

Thursday, April 22, 2010 12:21 PM Posted by Malallory
I go to school in Utah, at BYU, which means that I live here 8 months out of the year. I don't like Utah in general. I don't like the dryness, the lack of lakes, the lack of green, the hot summers, the wimpy winters, and I especially don't like that awful square hairdo that half the females here have. You know, the one where they rat their hair so much it looks like the top of their head is either cube or roof-shaped.
I don't know about you, but I see nothing wrong with the shape of my skull.
But there are some things I love about Utah. I love how (if you're a Mormon, which if you're in Utah is likely) no matter where you live it's probably only a five-minute walk to church. I LOVE the mountains. I love my family that lives here, and I love BYU and my friends here.
And I LOVE Pace Popsicles.
My family has pretty much since I can remember come to Utah every summer to visit all our family out here. And every year we would buy a big ol' brown paper sack of Pace popsicles. They make them at these burger places called Pace's Dairy Ann (we always went to the one in Bountiful), and this was the only place you could get them. So imagine my joy when I came to school here and discovered they now sell them in grocery stores! Even Wal-Mart!!
If you think you've had delicious popsicles before, and you haven't had these babies, oh man. Oh. Man. You are so wrong. These things are the most fantastic, addictive treats on the planet. If they had any nutritional value whatsoever then I would be perfectly content to live off them. At the grocery stores they sell them in cherry, grape, peach, and lime. Lime's my favorite.
So yep. Post #1: complete! If you ever are in Utah anywhere near Bountiful or just a plain ol' Wal-Mart or Smith's or whatever, get yo'self some Pace bars. It'll change your life. Or at least make you really, really happy.

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