Net Neutrality

Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:28 PM Posted by Malallory
Okay, so it's been a while since anybody (including me) has posted since our first little burst there. Raise your hand if you're surprised.
*chirp chirp*
Yeah, me neither.
So today I'm gonna let all yous guys know about something called net neutrality. In a layman's nutshell, net neutrality means that We The People get to control what we see on the internet and what the internet consists of. We pay for our access to the internet, but the internet's content's actual existence is free. This is how amazing people like John and Hank Green, Maureen Johnson, Luke Conard, and not amazing people like Justin Beiber and Perez Hilton got anybody at all to even know who they are.
Well, The Man is trying to change that. Okay, not exactly The Man, but The Companies. Basically they want to make it so that websites have to pay a bunch of money to make their website run fast instead of going back to the speed of the dialup days, and they want to make us pay money to get access to those websites' ability to run fast. This will mean that the big companies that can afford to dish out the money will get lots of traffic while the people who make awesome internet content for basically nothing, such as Youtube people, amazing bloggers (like us!), and people who run awesome websites but don't get paid for it, will suffer.
The following is the website that's working to make sure this doesn't happen, and on the front page is a video that can explain all this much better than I ever could.
All the people in that video are people who got famous over the internet (mostly YouTube) and would not have the awesome following and fame they have now without it.
So yep. Not that fascinating, I know, but I think people who use the internet, which is most people in America and everyone who is reading this, should at least know about it even if you don't do anything about it.
I promise now that summer's here and I've remembered this bad boy exists, posts will be more regular. :)

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  1. Cole Freakin' Thomas Says:

    Ah, yeah. I had read about this a while ago. It's really just infuriating how corporate fat cats will juice anything they can for money. >:/

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